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JSC Result

Junior School Certificate also known as JSC is a public examination taken by students in Bangladesh, following a cycle of eight years of teaching. It is followed by Secondary School Certificate (CES). Many students do better on this test. Before it was just a professional examination and should not be given consideration. Moreover, in 2011 JSC is engaged in full creative (Srijonshil) questions.

But if you read and review books often minotely one can easily get an A + in the JSC. In Dhaka district, teachers have been very seriously. They take extra care and make it much more difficult tests. Giving students more seriously JSC

ABOUT JSC: Junior School Certificate is known as baby’s ssc exam. It is very important exam for our students. It helps the student to be more careful  to their study. It also encourage them to get higher education. The exam provides a certificate which prove the condition of student’s merit. It makes student more sincere to study.

jsc result                                                              

TYPE OF EXAM: The exam will be in Written and MCQ (multiple choice)


DURATION OF EXAM: Duration of each exam is generally three hours.

Statistics of jsc exam:  Every year about 1500K student attend for exam. About 50% boys and 50% girls. From about 25K educational institute.

Hidden Secret about JSC Result: If a student (poor or whatever) can not manage his/her study after JSC they can use this certificate for job or social value. For passport, driving license and government work etc.

JSC Result: Result Published within 60 days of exam. To check whether the result is published Click Here


JSC Result by Result Volunteer team Resultx.

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